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just thinkin'   
06:14pm 13/04/2006
mood: thoughtful
Just for fun, I was thinking about why I choose Munchkin and Vince instead of the other mate-ables, I mean, most of my breeding-eligible ratsies have very impressive pedigrees. But, we all know that a pedigree is only as good as the rat that stands in front of it.

LIT RATL Piel... I would LOVE to breed him, but I am not at a stage in my breeder-ship to be able to deal with a hairless litter, and I would want a very qualified female for him. I thought I had tracked down a good mate for him, but then she stated having issues with cancer near her eye -thank goodness that happened before and babies were created. She had a good pedigree, so there is a possibility that it was non-genetic, but I'm not one to test that out. If the right girl comes along though, he is a beautiful specimen.

MARS Moonshine... I am still unsure about his coloring, and black berkie rats are the last thing I want more of right now. Next year, or whenever the waitlist gets long enough again, I think I'll pair him with a marked R. Blue female and find out what's going on with his genetics. At the very least that will give me sweet, typey black babies that carry pretty colors. I do want to breed him though. I think he is my prettiest boy, Vince beats him out in size, but he is still young.

LIT RATL Shining Star (Paisley) is Munchkin's sister and is a R. Blue, but her rexing isn't as good as Munchkin's and her head is longer. I also like Munchkin's markings better, but I know that's not nearly as important as other things in choosing who to mate. If I have the demand (unlikely) I'd like to pair her with Moonshine, that probably won't happen though.

Other than these guys, my rats are strictly pet-only. There is LIT RATL Mars, but he is full sibling to the two girlies and a double rex to boot.
Summer mating   
10:39am 11/04/2006
  eventually I will get around to introducing the whole mischief, but for now I want to announce the official plan for this summer's breeding. I have planned out the breedings I want to do for the next six years, but it all starts with this pair.

LIT RATL Space Cadet x SFR Leonardo DaVinci

Munchkin (as I've taken to calling her) has a beautiful blunt little head, and her ears are great. She is a Black Berkshire Dumbo Rex with heavy berky markings, she is bringing to this pairing a nice solid short face , great round ears, the licky habit I love, and makings. She carries Russian Blue. Vince is large, he has a sweet disposition, although he isn't as licky as some of my other boys. He is a Russian Blue Berkshire Dumbo, his ears are good, not great. He will contribute a nice long tail, but his head shape and overall size are where he really excels. His berky marking is just a zipper of white down the middle, but I'm not holding that against him ^_^ He is a beautiful boy and has turned out just as good as I expected he would.

From this litter I am hoping for large size, short faces, good dumbo ears and long tails. Licky ratties will be a plus, as would head spots and interesting markings. Statistically, I am likely to get all rexes; half black rats, half Russian Blue; half standard coats, and half rexes -so a nice variey. I am still reading about the specific genetics of markings, they are much less understood than color, ear, and coat genetics, but what there is to know, I think I do. I am expecting some self, berks, hoodeds, and possibly capped although I'm not sure about that last one. I would really like to understand these genetics more. Headspots are likely but not guaranteed. Both of these rats' mothers had headspots, so I'm hoping the genes match up.

I already have two adopters lined up for two rats each, but I've been focusing on getting Liz's ats adopted out so I haven't been advertising my rattery as much as I could have been. I will want to keep two females, probably.
In The Beginning   
06:32pm 24/02/2006
mood: cheerful
The first true generation of Lime Tree rats are born and thriving. Today we live in Eugene V. Deb's Socialist Cooperative with our comrades and my other pets. The rats live in dumpster-dived and trash-found huge cages and love them. They are fed a mixture of Purina Rat Chow and Harlan Teklad Lab Block, as well as fresh fruits, veggies, and other occasional snacks. They walk on Carefresh, Carefresh Ultra, Cell-Sorb Plus, or other available and on sale recycled paper bedding. They sleep in fleece pocket hammocks in the winter, and cotton open hammocks in the summer. They are joined in my life and affections by Cricket the yorkie, Cora the betta, and HoneyBun the ball python. They are loved, and pets above everything.